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Bossington Sand

Hard-wearing warm beige limestone with intricate calcite veins

Ageing process produces lightly worn texture, some open areas and a subtle worn edge

Commercial and domestic projects

External paving and internal flooring

Bossington Sand is a varied, warm beige limestone with soft autumnal shades, intricate calcite veins and numerous small fossils. The ageing process produces a lightly worn surface, with some open areas and a subtle worn edge. Bossington Sand is a very hard-wearing limestone that is suitable for use in commercial and residential projects. With low porosity and good frost resistance, Bossington Sand can be used to create a seamless transition when used inside and out and is suitable for use with under-floor heating. Bossington Sand is quarried in central Turkey where numerous churches and chapels have been carved into the rock faces, dating back to the 9th Century.

61x40.6cm £77.50m²  

61x61cm £88.50m² 

91.8x61cm £105m² 

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