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Volcan Black Granite

Very hard-wearing, fine-grained dark grey granite

Hammered satin finish creates a smooth, non-slip finish with a square edge

Commercial and domestic projects

External paving and internal flooring

Volcan Black Granite is a very hard and fine-grained dark grey granite. The surface is produced by a water jet and exposes a crystalline surface with light reflective qualities and creates a square edge. The Hammered Satin finish provides good slip resistance and can be easily maintained. Volcan Black Granite is an extremely hard-wearing granite that can be used in both commercial and residential projects. With low porosity and good frost resistance, Volcan Black Granite can be used to create a seamless transition when used inside and out and is suitable for use with under-floor heating. Swimming pool copings, step treads and block steps are also available. Volcan Black Granite is quarried in central China where stone temples are built on sacred mountains. Over 200 historic temples and ancient defences have been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

60x30cm £65m² 

60x60cm £70m² 

60x90cm £75m² 

90x90cm £105m² 

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